What are Soul Agreements?

Our true nature is a nonrestrictive, unconfined being always connected to a Divine Source Energy of radiant love. This Source radiates only unconditional love in a consistent manner that creates and sustains all of life. This is "our home."  When we feel truly loved, accepted, and safe and secure without any fear of being judged or rejected, it feels "yummy".  This is what it feels like to be connected to Source also.  It's the same. That's how simple being awakened is.

But, when we start school, we are taught to disconnect from this yumminess, so to speak, and believe that we are our thoughts instead.

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We become separated from our true unconditional nature and thus start the experience of separation anxiety. We are no longer being treated as a whole complete person and many of us spend a life time trying to fill this void through relationships, money, food, material gain, religions and so on.

Soul falls asleep and forgets how to get home.  So it sets up agreements within the world of duality/polarity, the matrix of illusions to learn through suffering, struggling and sacrifices to learn and hopefully return to its true nature of feeling connected, safe, secure and loved.

Now, through much trial and error, some of us here on this planet have figured out we can awaken in a human ego and be connected at the same time by going through the steps of clearing these agreements. Make sense so far? Then read on...

The Benefits Of Clearing Soul Agreements

There is only Truth and not-Truth. Joy, love, empowerment, peace etc. is our one and only True Nature. Everything else is a projection of a belief, created by a Soul Agreement, that we have experienced in childhood as trauma or stress and/or have been taught to accept as "Truth" to fit in or get a job or get good grades, please parents and get the idea.

Truth is: harmony, freedom, pleasant sensations in the body. When you are in the state of love, you feel free, open, flowing, gentle, real, powerful, expansive, tingly, easy, happy, joyful, wise, clear, centered, connected, integrative, whole, warm, soft, allowing, spontaneous, lively, laughter, sovereign, compassion, supportive and so on.

Not-Truth then is ego: pain, fear, anger, cold, dark, static, stuck, heavy, slow, low energy, sick, sense of lack, empty, sad, lonely, isolated, nervous, unhappy, limited, unyielding, stubborn, tense, irritated, confused, foggy, ugly, bad, unsure, forced, etc. Unpleasant sensations in the body.

The recognition of what is Truth, in the face of "not-truth" (beliefs) is that "a-ha" insight of "Oh I get it! That belief that I need a man in my life to feel safe doesn't feel pleasant and so it isn't Truth" . Now you are allowing Truth to emerge like the sun does behind the clouds and take residence in your body instead of that unpleasant feeling of neediness or codependency for example. You feel your body tension shift and the healing begins of whatever is in disharmony in your life. Clearing Soul Agreements is like removing the clouds (beliefs).

A good analogy is if you were feeling pain in your body and you recognized you were pinching yourself, what would you do? Would you struggle to let go? Would you wonder what to do about it? Would you need to get someone's help to stop pinching yourself? NO! You would simply stop, right?

As Soul, not your personality, you created this story, cast the characters to play it out and direct it. Taking accountability from a zero point view, you can see with discernment why you are in debt, or feel lonely, or are sick, or got fired and so on.  You want to be a co-creator of your life. There is no success in hoping, wishing, waiting for good to happen. Understanding why you have the life you have and the way you feel is so empowering and once you clear and shift, it's forever changed. You feel it and you see it in your life. It works every time if you get to the core agreement.

Which is where I come in. It helps to have a facilitator to "see" and guide you through to the core so that you really feel that bodily sensation of your True nature emerging and the false construct deleting.

This procedure of healing has been developing for over 20 years by Jim Granger who calls it The Body Transcendent.  There is no book to read or classes to take to learn this. He has taken down his website also but if you want to connect with him his email is:   You learn by doing and feeling the shifts and seeing the changes in your life by working with us. Usually after a few sessions, you can do the work yourself.

We are working with those who are ready to awaken on a one-to-one session, mainly but not limited to by phone, because now I can clear agreements through the remote healings. See previous page on this.