Create Your
Way Through

I am really excited about this new modality I am adding to my spiritual life coaching practice of releasing the Soul Agreements so that my clients can create in their lives what it is they need to be happy, healthy and loved.

As you know, if you have been reading through my website, I have found that who we really are is not the ego personality, the mind and body. We really are bigger than that. Once we are free of mind controlled programs to learn through suffering, which as Soul we agreed to (now make sure you understand I am not referring to "you" who is named Martha or Justin), we can begin to live from our True Essence, our authentic selves and be whole, complete, free to create our way through this reality.

Here in this session, you will be introduced to a very powerful closure process, a technique that allows you to find harmony and closure in any relationship. It is a life changing exercise. When you bring closure to your agreements with honor, acknowledgement, gratitude, love and respect, you can create lasting changes in all your experiences; in your relationships and with specific archetypes (such as the Victim Archetype) and themes manifesting your life.

I spent this past year studying with another spiritual life coach, George Kavassilas who wrote the book, Our Universal Journey. His website is OurJourneyHome.earth. He has developed through personal experience the power of how closure from one's Heart Source Essence, expands your awareness of who you really are, a Creator Being.

I've done a lot of studying with different people on my journey home to the Truth and so far this technique has been the most life changing.

George writes," Closure is not a rigid system, rather a flexible system that has the capacity to work with the different needs of people and the varying circumstances that come with being human and beyond. The natural by-product of Closure is the alchemical healing of wounds and distortions as we unfold and flow forward instead of staying stagnant with wounds that fester underneath layers of coping mechanisms and programs of spiritual bypass. To be clear , we are not breaking agreements or contracts. We are honoring the process and all who have been involved. In order for us to be truly free and sovereign, both sides need to be released from co-created agreements and original intention."

This session is priced the same as my regularly hour session however it usually lasts a little longer than an hour. After you release some big life interrupting distortions, the time will shorter. Then you can also just do the process yourself regularly or read George's book, join the community online, or just listen to his interviews, take a class. I see this work as uplifting humanity which then will help Mother Earth.