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Expressing Appreciation

"I knew when you started. I felt it. Last night I tried to work on the self-sabotaging, but I was too exhausted. You have lifted the blocks, and I feel as though I can soar...just like in my dreams!

I can't thank you enough. At 1:00 I was walking the dogs. First time in a month that I had the energy. Thanks again! You're darn good! lol"  Love and light, Sherry 9/17

If you choose a coaching session only, it is one hour long. If you choose to have a coaching session and a healing, it probably will be an hour and a half long. A remote healing is usually 20 minutes. I also offer intuitive email responses to questions or concerns.

Avanti Coaching

I prefer PayPal payments.  Checks are acceptable. Please email or call me for my address. Payment must be received before any session.


Sign up using an online secure credit card method of PayPal. Credit cards carry a service fee. Sessions must be prepaid before any coaching session. 

Payment for one hour session by phone:  $125.00 ($128.00 for credit cards)

Payment for coaching follow up phone call or email from remote healing recording: $35.00 ($38.00 credit cards)

Payment for Remote Healing session and recording: $80.00 (83.00 for credit cards)

Avanti Coaching rate for certain clients:
$107.00(110.00 credit cards)

Intuitive email responses requested: $35.00

If you need more information about sessions or classes, please contact me: or call me at 352-374-7982