Meet Cynthia Granger

Over 30 years ago, I started my personal development journey in the field of educational theatre specializing in using drama in the classroom to enhance the curriculum. This led to teaching drama in a more traditional sense with public schools, arts groups and community education programs. Even though the end result was to produce a performance, my interests continued to be focused in the process of acting or actually the process of individuals discovering ways to access their true creative self and apply this new awareness to their characters. 


Fifteen years ago, when I read an article of a personal life coach, I realized that this was what I had been doing for years as a drama teacher. So I left teaching, spent two years studying with Coach U and became a certified personal and professional coach.

Then I went looking for a way to clear the subconscious of negative patterning and discovered Theta Healing. I found it helping my clients so, in 2009, I became certified in the basic and advanced so I could practice on myself and my clients. In 2012, I became trained as a certified instructor of basic and advanced and continued my training to be a Master level practitioner. However, to really clear the trauma and ritualistic mind programming, I found it wasn't enough.

I have since returned to a technique my brother, Jim Granger, (bodytranscendent@gmail.com) created called The Body Transcendence and combined it with the intuitive information I have gathered in having CLOSURE with Soul Agreements by studying with George Kavassilas (ourjourneyhome.earth). Now I live feeling more whole, complete and Sovereign of my life story, embodying my body rather than living from hoping, wishing, intending, visualizing, praying, or using external stumuli to find answers to any discomfort.

My passion is to be able to create what I want in my life. I am constantly working on improving who I am, how I show up to others, and living an abundant life. This is what I bring to my clients also. Our sessions focus on ways to improve a client’s life in 7 main areas: self-acceptance, relationships, health, money, fears, emotional healing from the past, and how to co-create what you really want. The techniques I use are easy, enjoyable, effective, and can be learned to use on your own.

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA but have lived in Gainesville, Florida for over 30 years. I have two grown daughters, Caeli (34yrs) and Emily (31yrs).

If you feel stuck; would like to know better what you feel and want; would like a way to handle overwhelming emotions; free yourself of trauma; release blocks and addictions, release self-criticism and increase self-love and acceptance; and would like to make clear and centered decisions; then contact me for a session. Clearing Soul Agreements can be done by phone, by Skype, remotely and in person. You’ll be amazed at the relief you feel and how this transformation will improve your life.

No Illness Can Stay in Unconditional Love.