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Are You Content? Healthy?
Feel Grown Up and Able To Function As An Adult?

  • Do you know how to feel good inside all the time, safe and secure no matter what's going on around you?
  • What really does it feel like to be connected to unconditional love? Or what does feeling separate feel like? Do you know the difference?
  • Are you the leader of your life? The CEO?
  • What's an Illusion, a lie or a story and what is Truth?
  • What's blocking you from experiencing feeling fulfilled physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually consistently?
  • Are you permanently dissolving these blocks or just moving energy around and feeling relief temporarily?
  • Do you know how to release the pain, the past and stop the "stinkin thinkin" tapes that just keep running all the time in your head causing hurt in your heart?
  • Are you always hoping, wishing and waiting?

We Can Help

I realized to be a functional adult and guide others how to be one too, I needed to know the answers to these questions. My journey started over 30 years ago with reading books, attending trainings, workshops, working with mentors, hiring life coaches and it helped me to merge my ego with my higher self. From here, I just combined everything I have been studying for the last 30 years and have developed the capabilities to make amazing differences in my clients' and their families' lives.

I Offer Many Solutions for You

Life Coaching so You Can Be a Functional Adult

Very quickly and easily, you empower self and understand your purpose/passion, harmonize relationships, and clear discordant energies, then you feel self-love and acceptance. Now you live feeling good inside all the time.

Life Coaching with Phase Out Closure

This is where I teach you how to have closure with the Soul Agreements you, as a Creator Being, have made before you took on a human body. 

Phasing out allows you to be free of certain negative emanations that drain us and cause disease,  suffering or harm.

Some examples we would do would be: EMFs, distortion fields,WIFI, Airport scanners,Cnem trails, Fluorescent lights, toxic relationships

It is very powerful and effective.

Closure Work Only

This session is identifying what is THE agreement, the lessons to why you agreed to it and what you are to learn from it. During this session we will use a closure procedure to completely release you from this agreement of suffering.

This is a transformational experience and a restructuring of your DNA.

Soul Agreements

Once a Soul Agreement is released on many levels, it breaks the cycles of disharmony, habits and insecurities, feelings of unworthiness, co-dependencies, anxiety, depression, self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors disappear, imprints of trauma and fear from childhood heal, negative beliefs, perceptions, family beliefs that are programmed in you such as religious dogmas get dissolved,  discordant energies are released also.

These options are for you so you can enjoy your life instead of always being braced for the next problem to arrive.

You want to learn how to be internally solution oriented instead of eternally solution oriented. I help you do this by unlocking your internal power within. Then your innate intelligence knows what to do.

and learn to be a positive influence in your life!

Are You Ready for a Change?

The only way out is through!


Create Your Way Through!

Avanti Coaching

Are you ready to awaken, feel connected to the unconditional love of Mother Earth, feel safe and in control, be embodied, be integrated with all parts of yourself, instead of being stuck in distorted ego behaviors of hate, guilt, anger, sorrow, shame, fear, etc.?

Are you ready to be guided by compassion, support, respect, integrity, freedom, transformation and well-being at all levels?

Are you ready to live from and as your heart source esssence creating what you want rather than hoping your life is going to go well? Intentions made by the mind never work. If that statement rings true to you, then you know why you are here reading this.

I would say I am a lot more aware of who I really am and why I am here but I too am a work in progress. I now have more clarity and balance. I know how to transcend, alchemize and integrate new ecosystems for my relationships, health and finances. As a Creator Being, I don't use new age techniques to manifest. I live being authenthic and real without limitations of the ego personality. I embrace my ego and am grateful I can live in unity instead of being fragmented and disconnected with polarity.

You can continue trying one more self-help modality, one more book, and one more meditation if you want to. Just keep spinning your hamster wheel. One day, you'll realize the cost isn't worth it. Or you can work with me in a session by phone, facetime or Skype.

When you've had enough trying to find relief, joy, and love or create change outside of you and you figure out you can't get there on your own, call me.

I didn't do it alone. Why should you?

Avanti Coaching

Lives We Have Changed


"Just wanted you to know that since our session there's been one epiphany after another going off like a string of firecrackers. Brava, wonderful you!"


“Thanks Cynthia… and thanks for helping me at a time I needed it most. (So I could go on and do those amazing things!) I don’t forget the ones who were there for me.”

-Linda Bryant
Bryant Consulting Services

“Cynthia helped me forge a new direction in my career as a journalist, a process that was very rewarding and effective. I went from being a very unhappy reporter at a job that was draining my life to starting my own writing and consulting business. I now have a positive attitude, and life looks good.

Over the course of this year I have become keenly aware of Cynthia's professional skills. She has a blend of talents that include fantastic people skills, a meticulous attention to detail, the ability to be very spontaneous and creative and a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. She's a delightful person, a natural motivator and a flexible, seasoned professional. I recommend Cynthia without hesitation."

-Anne Andrews

“Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for your word of wisdom. I really think we did clear the layer of my family. Sam is showing up different he is far more cooperative than ever and I am more willing to support my children with their needs without feeling like it interferes with my own needs and wants. Career wise I feel juiced and in general I feel happier and am more aware of each present moment as it passes. I have fun discovering the gifts in each one.

I will continue to pay attention to what thoughts, beliefs and emotions come up as I experience any physical or emotional pain and how it is serving me.

See you next month!”


"Cynthia, I started a new BP regimen last night which may coincide with the healing work. My blood pressure is down! I was up close to stroke level, now it is barely hypertension range. So whatever you did, last night seems to have had an effect. Thanks."


"Thanks again for all you do for me. I am about at 160 right now.  Down from my weight on 1/4/10 of 189.6!!!!  I figure i will hit my original goal of 153 in about a month since I average about 2 lbs. a week.. I am going to see how I look/feel then but I think I might want to go past that a bit more.  Nearly

30 lbs gone right now!  Amazing!   I wouldn't have done it without your help."


You spoke of events that happened to me that you had no previous knowledge of. As you traveled through my body you released the stress and disease that accompanied these events which left me feeling calm and okay within myself. I truly believe in your process and the healing it brought me. Thank you for your support and guidance. CA  3/2016

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