"Keep Moving Forward"

Cynthia - you spoke of events that happened to me that you had no pervious knowledge of. As you traveled through my body you released the stress and disease that accompanied these events which left me feeling calm and okay within myself. I truly believe in your process and the healing it brought me. Thank you for your support and guidance. CA  3/2016

Session Information

  There are three choices you can choose from:

Personal Coaching Session
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Personal Coaching Session and a Healing
This is a really nice way to have a complete transformation

Remote Healing
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This is a very special gift that I am now able to do for you. You do not need to be present, or on the phone or sleeping or resting. In fact, the less your ego knows about this going on, the better.

So what happens is this:  I move into a zero point zone and then using your name I connect energetically with your higher self. Then the process begins and I usually see, hear, feel what is being released, unblocked, so that your own internal power can be reactivated which then realigns you with your Divine sense of purpose here. You are freed up from a set karmic pattern that has kept you from being able to function as a happy adult who experiences financial success, stable satisfying relationships and well-being.  This clearing happens on many levels, layers and dimensions.

I record the session and then send it to you. If you need more clarity or have questions, we can set up a follow up 30 minute session or an email response.

The Expressing Appreciation page has the information regarding costs for this and for follow ups.

Be an emissary of light and love wherever you go and to whomever you meet.
                   Be happy as you recognize and touch harmony and joy in your self
                   Be healthy as you nourish wholesome seeds in yourself
                   Experience abundance
                   Manifest easily
                   Be closer to your true genuine nature, your divine purpose
                   Discover your passion
                   Feel safe and free of suffering, struggling, sacrificing
                   Be peaceful and strong
                   Know you are a functional Adult, the leader of your life

Thank you for investing in yourself which will bring love into your family as well as our planet.