"Keep Moving Forward"


The Advanced Workshop expands upon all you learned in the Basic ThetaHealing® training. The workshop includes the new Advanced ThetaHealing® book written by Vianna Stibal as well as a certificate and a practitioner's manual from the THInk Institute. You must have had the Basic training before you can attend this workshop. Upon receiving your $100.00 deposit, a copy of this book will be mailed to you.

The class consists of: 

  •  The Seven Planes of Existence and how they work
  •  Receive over 400 Creator Downloads
  •  Release Fears, Resentments, Rejections, Regrets
  •  Release deep grief and sorrow through your Heart Song
  •  Release Free-Floating Thought Forms
  •  Learn the Send Love to the Baby in the Womb exercise 
  •  Repair a Broken Soul   
  •  Connect with your Ancestors
  •  Talk to the Higher Self
  •  Learn how to Bend Time
  •  Learn how to do Belief work on Non-Organic Material
  •  Digging practice on key beliefs
  •  Advanced Manifestation techniques 
  •  Open the Psychic senses