"Keep Moving Forward"

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Hi Cynthia,
Thanks for your word of wisdom. I really think we did clear the layer of my family. Sam is showing up different he is far more cooperative than ever and I am more willing to support my children with their needs without feeling like it interferes with my own needs and wants. Career wise I feel juiced and am in general I feel happier and am more aware of each present moment as it passes. I have fun discovering the gifts in each one.

I will continue to pay attention to what thoughts, beliefs and emotions come up as I experience any physical or emotional pain and how it is serving me.

See you next month!
Anne Andrews, LMT

"Cynthia, I started a new BP regimen last night which may coincide with the healing work. My blood pressure is down! I was up close to stroke level, now it is barely hypertension range. So whatever you did, last night seems to have had an effect. Thanks."  


"Thanks again for all you do for me. I am about at 160 right now.  Down from my weight on 1/4/10 of 189.6!!!!  I figure i will hit my original goal of 153 in about a month since I average about 2 lbs. a week.. I am going to see how I look/feel then but I think I might want to go past that a bit more.  Nearly
30 lbs gone right now!  Amazing!   I wouldn't have done it without your help."


"Cynthia: I have been to many healers and experienced many modalities over the last 6 months. Never have I felt so good right after a session and so sure that healing was both happening and is my birthright. You got down to business so quickly and so intuitively. It was astonishing. Thank you SO much. I look forward to more and will be calling soon to set something up. " 


"This course had an amazing impact on my life! I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel :)"