"Keep Moving Forward"


I offer many solutions for you:

* Life Coaching with or without a healing.

* Healings include clearing deep karmic patterning and hidden Soul Agreements and usually help complete the coaching session.

*Remote Healings: this is done by me without you present and you can be anywhere in the world doing anything. It doesn't matter. I record what I feel and see for you and send the recording to you. These are very powerful.

*These options are for you so you can enjoy your life instead of always being braced for the next problem to arrive.

You want to learn how to be internally solution oriented instead of eternally solution oriented. I help you do this by unlocking your internal power within. Then you innate intelligence knows what to do.

Call for a session and learn to be a positive influence in your life!




"Just wanted you to know that since our session there's been one epiphany after another going off like a string of firecrackers. Brava, wonderful you!"

Burt  1/2014

Thanks Cynthia… and thanks for helping me at  a time I needed it most.( so I could go on and do those amazing things!) I don’t forget the ones who were there for me. Love, Bill  2/29/16

Welcome to Avanti Coaching!

Cynthia Christianson, M.A., CCC
(Coach Certified Graduate)

Advanced Training in SRT
Advanced Training in Theta Healing
Are You Content? Healthy?
Feel Grown Up and Able To Function As An Adult?

  • Do you know how to feel good inside all the time, safe, secure, no matter what's going on around you?
  • What really does it feel like to be connected to unconditional love? Or what does feeling separate feel like? Do you know the difference?
  • Are you the leader of your life? The CEO?   
  • What's an Illusion, a lie or a story and what is Truth?
  • What's blocking you from experiencing feeling fulfilled physically,emotionally, mentally, spiritually consistently?
  • Are you permanently dissolving these blocks or just moving energy around and feeling relief temporarily?
  • Do you know how to release the pain, the past and stop the "stinkin thinkin" tapes that just keep running all the time in your head causing hurt in your heart?
  • Are you always hoping, wishing and waiting?   

I realized to be a functional adult and guide others how to be one too, I needed to know the answers to these questions. My journey started over 30 years ago with reading books, attending trainings, workshops, working with mentors, hiring life coaches and it helped me to merge my ego with my higher self. From here, I just combined everything I have been studying for the last 30 years and have developed the capabilities to make amazing differences in my clients' and their families' lives.

What I know now is: Most of the blocks to health and well being come from the Soul Agreements we make before we took on a human body. Soul preplanned these lessons of pain and suffering to raise it's state of consciousness. We all want to go home, to return to Divine Source Light. What I have found by using my body felt sense and feeling the relief through clearing these Soul Agreements, is that the idea we must learn and spiritually awaken through pain and hurt, is false information. Now I know there is a better way!!!

Once a Soul Agreement is released on many levels, it breaks the cycles of disharmony, habits and insecurities, feelings of unworthiness,co-dependencies, anxiety, depression, self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors disappear, imprints of trauma and fear from childhood heal, negative beliefs, perceptions, family beliefs that are programmed in you such as religious dogmas get dissolved,  discordant energies are released also. 

Very quickly and easily, you empower self and understand your  purpose/passion, harmonize relationships, and clear discordant energies, then you feel self-love and acceptance. Now you live feeling good inside all the time.

             Are you ready to awaken, feel connected to the unconditional love of Source, feel safe and in control, be embodied with the pure positive energy of Spirit instead of hate, guilt, anger, sorrow etc?

Are you ready to be guided by compassion, support, respect, integrity, freedom, transformation and well-being at all levels?

             Are you ready to live with inner peace and positive energy instead of living with the negative energy and limiting beliefs stuck in your subconscious and conscious minds?

It happened to me and it can happen for you. I now have more clarity and balance to transform my relationships, health and finances as well as living in more light, wisdom and understanding.

You can continue trying one more self-help modality, one more book, one more meditation if you want to. Just keep spinning your hamster wheel. One day, you'll realize the cost isn't worth it. Or you can work with me in a session by phone or sign up for a remote healing.  

When you've had enough trying to find relief, joy, love or create change outside of you and you figure out you can't get there on your own, call me.

I'll help you. I had help. I didn't do it alone

Why should you?

Call me today at: (352) 374-7982
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